Someday you’ll find the right person, and you’ll learn to have a lot more confidence in yourself. That’s what I think. So don’t settle for anything less. In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It’s important to combine the two in just the right amount
― Haruki Murakami  (via youngfolksociety)

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But I love you
so much more
than just to the moon
and back.
― (via difficult)
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It’s strange. I felt less lonely when I didn’t know you.
― The Flies (Jean Paul Sartre)

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I want someone to really want me. Make a big deal about me, tell me I’m on your mind way too fucking much but you kinda like it. Make it completely obvious that I’m the person you want. Tell me you can’t wait to see me; show me how you feel so I can feel it too.
Make me feel something I’ve never felt before. Tell your friends about me & I’ll tell them about how you make butterflies swarm my stomach. Want me as much as I want you.

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